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If it is your first time to use our service and TOYOTA Rent-A-Car in Guam, please read the following:

How to Make a Reservation
Online Booking System
How to Rent a Car
Make a Reservation

You will be asked for the following items:

Your Name

Your Email

Date of Pick Up / Return

Your Phone Number

Desired Car Grade or Model

Pick Up / Return Location

Child seat for the children who is under age of
11 or below 145cm tall

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Rent a Car

(1) Bring the following items:

  • Driver's License (Any person who intends to drive)

    * Minimum driving age is 21 years old in Guam

  • Passport (Any person who intends to drive)

  • Credit card (The card holder’s name should be the same as the renter’s name, otherwise valid identification document would be required)

(2) About our shops

We have the following two shops to serve for pickup and return procedure. * The shops with hotel such as Leo Palace Resort and Fiesta Resort Guam are no longer operated as of Feb 2019.
  • Airport Shop

    Business Hours:24 hours (Key-in Return is not available)
    Address:253 Chalan Pasaheru Street, 10A, Tamuning, Guam 96913
    Tel: 671-648-8722 / 671-648-8724

  • AK Main Shop

    Business Hours:7:30〜17:00 (Key-in Return is not available)
    Address: 443 S. Marine Corps Dr., Tamuning, Guam 96913
    Tel: (671)648-8445/6

  • <For Customer Who Picks Up/ Returns at the Airport Shop>

  • For Pickup

    Please input the accurate arrival flight number in the online booking form. The shop staff will be waiting for you at the East Arrival Lobby of the airport in accordance of the flight status and give you a ride to Airport Shop. You may budget an hour after the estimated time of arrival of your flight to schedule your pickup time as it usually takes roughly an hour for Immigration procedure and luggage pickup.

  • For Return

    After your return at Airport Shop, staff will send you back to the airport. Please return a car at least 2 hours before the estimated time of departure of your flight.

  • <For Customer Who Picks Up/ Returns at Hotel >

  • For Pickup

    The shop staff will pick you up at the requested hotel lobby at your pick up time and give you a ride to Airport Shop or AK Main Shop which may take 10-25 minutes depending on the hotel location (e.g. 25 minutes between Leo Palace Resort and Airport Shop). The car rental period will be charged based on the actual pickup time.

  • For Return

    Key-in (Inlock) Return at hotel is available at $20. Please park the car at the parking area of the hotel with putting the key inside the dashboard.

    *Key-in Return is not applicable for some specific car models such as Hybrid, Lux Sedan, Lux SUV as Smart Key System is installed, and for those who plan to rent one of these models, please return the car either at AK main shop or at Airport shop during the business hours.

    The fee will be charged to your credit card later in case that the fuel is not filled up its tank or scratches or dents will be found after your car return.

(3) About payment

  • Payment must be on a credit or debit cards when you pick up car. We can do a hold on their credit card for a deposit and void it upon return and accept cash.

    * Please note that the JPY cost you can see in the Confirmation email sent by us after you confirm the booking, might be slightly different from the one which is to be actually charged on your credit card, as the exchange rate is different. And in case where you pay the cost by Debit Credit, the debit card fees are sometimes also required depending on the card company.

Before Departure
  • Rental Terms and Conditions will be prepared. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the rental staff. After confirming the Terms and Conditions, please sign it and pay the estimated rental charges.

  • Check if there are any scratches or dents on the car with the rental staff before leaving the location.

  • Adjust the seat and mirror, and remember to fasten both your front and rear seat-belts.

Return the Car
  • Fill the tank at the nearest gas station before you return the car. (If you do not, the prescribed fuel charge depending on mileage will be charged.)

  • Please contact the rental location you rented the car from in advance if you decide to rent it longer. (A prescribed penalty will be charged if you overrun your scheduled rental hours without prior notice.)

  • After arriving at the returning location, the rental staff will check the car if there are any scratches or dents. Any excess or deficit will then be adjusted.

  • Be sure to take all of your belongings out of the car.

Insurance / Compensation System


Since the vehicle fee does not include an insurance fee, it is necessary to subscribe to one separately. The insurance options you are able to subscribe as a part of a rent-a-car contract are listed below

Collision Damage Waiver(CDW)

Insurance Premium
A: Minicar・Economy・Compact・Midsize・Hybrid class $17.95/day
B: Full size・SUV・SUV mid class $19.95/day
C: SUV full・Sports・Luxury Sedan・Luxury SUV・Minivan $29.94/day

Coverage: If you have a car accident, the following compensation amount will be paid. Please note that the below amounts for third party property and first party automobile are applicable only to vehicle-to-vehicle accident and any single-vehicle-accident is out of the coverage.

Third party bodily injury

$1,000,000 (Deductible - $ 0) per accident

Third party property (Not applicable to single-vehicle-accident)

$1,000,000 (Deductible- A,B&C $1,000) per accident

First party automobile (Not applicable to single-vehicle-accident)

Actual amount (Deductible- A,B&C $1,000) per accident

* Maximum coverage for CDW: $2,000,000

Cases where the insurance doesn’t cover

  • Dirt inside the car, any tire failure (e.g. flat tire), wheel or wheel cover, and window damage.
  • When an accident/car damage occurred under the influence of alcohol or drug intake.
  • Damages caused by vandalism by the customer (policyholder), third party or by a hit-and-run.

    Example: The car was scratched while parking, but it is not known who did it. (The insurance covers only if who did such scratch is known.)

  • Passenger Accident Insurance (PAI)

    Insurance Premium: $13/day for all vehicle classes

    Coverage: If you subscribe to this insurance, the following compensation amount will be paid when there is an accident.

    Cost of treatment

    Driver: $100,000, Passenger: $10,000 (No deductible)

    Cost of hospitalization

    Driver/Passenger: $1,000(within 30 days after the accident) (No deductible)

    Cost of ambulance

    Driver: $100, Passenger: N/A (No deductible)

    * Maximum coverage for the above (total amount for driver and passenger(s)): $150,000/accident
    * Maximum death compensation: $150,000
    * Maximum hospitalization compensation: $25,000/accident

    What should I do when I have an accident?

    Please call our airport shop and the police.

    Airport Shop:+671-648-8722 or +671-648-8724
    (24/7, English only)

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